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Brief History of the Company


Inaugurated as an unincorporated of Mr. Ikuji Sakata, the company`s founder, with main business focused on manufacture and sale of photographic supplies.


Incorporated as Colon Photographic Industries Limited with its head office established in Setagaya, Tokyo. The company now focuses on plastic molding and metal machining for camera parts.


Inagi Plant is constructed in Inagi city of Tokyo. The Company starts its plastic molding line on a full scale along with die production and machining lines.


Nippoh Musical Instruments Manufacturing, Co.,Ltd. is organized by the company to set oud application of plastics to traditional Japanese musical instruments such as "shakuhachi" (bamboo clarinet) and "shoh" (free-reed mouth organ.)


Yamanashi Colon Co.,Ltd. is established in Yamanashi pre. An integrated production line that embraces molding, coating and printing of plastic workpieces is introduced in its plant.


Ibaraki Plant is constructed to build up an integrated manufacturing line covering from molding to assembly to modular goods such as paper cassettes for copying machines. Production of copying machine components and LBP parts is started. 


Sakaigawa Plant is constructed to set out a full-scale mass production of cameras, video tape recorders and LBPs.


The manager has been changed: Mr. Tatsuya Sakata assumes the Company`s presidency, and Mr.Ikuji Sakata, the Company`s founder, becomes the chairman of the board.


Oita Colon Co.,Ltd. is organized by the company as its distribution center in Kyushu Region. Also, its plant is equipped with an integrated manufacturing line covering from molding to coating.


The company name is changed from Colon Photographic Industries Limited to Colon Co.,Ltd. Tsukuba Plant is constructed.


Colon Thailand Rojana Plant is constructed in Ayutthaya, Thailand.


Colon China Plant is constructed in Suzhou Industrial District, China.


Yamanashi Colon Co.,Ltd. has been merged into Kofu Plant and Oita Plant.


Head office relocated to Fuchu, Tokyo.


Head office relocated to Fuchu city in Tokyo.


The second plant in Oita is constructed.

The production line for the parts of automobiles is assembled in its plant.


60 years anniversary for the founding.


Colon Thailand Kabinburi Plant is constructed in Kabinburi Industrial Zone, Thailand.

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